Current Projects

Ethron Productions is always creating promotional videos and advertising to earn the capital to fund short films and run the business, however, the ultimate goal is to make more films and entertainment content.  The amount of this content is intended to rise soon. Please follow our social media to keep up to date on the latest cool news and videos as they are released.



    • YouTube webisode series (EP01-06 in development)
    • Short sci-fi/ghost film (in pre-production)

Make a Donation Button

Donations would greatly help with production, as everything costs money, from the cameras and actors, to the music and web hosting. All donations will go directly to the costs associated with producing films and entertainment on Ethron Productions website and YouTube channel, and ofcourse, can significantly help speed things up. Any donation of $5 or more will receive a special thanks in the credits of the project currently in development.

Forever Young Pictures


Photography is available through our sister site Forever Young Pictures. Portraits, children, babies, seniors, pets, and weddings are available to book in the Portland Oregon and SW Washington areas.